Several studies have linked the use of testosterone supplements to an increased testosterone heart attack lawsuit. The latest of these studies is a study, authored by William Finkle, an epidemiologist, and researcher at UCL. Finkle has found a link between heart attacks and popular male hormone supplements. Together with his colleagues, they reviewed insurance claims made by more than 55,000 men, focusing on the number of heart attacks experienced by men three months after they begun partaking in testosterone therapy.

The resulting data revealed that the heart risk among men above the age of 65 more than doubled. However, the findings are direr for men who are under the age of 65 but have a history of heart attacks, as the risk more than tripled.

testosterone heart attack lawsuitIt is important to note that the Food and Drug Administration has given the green light for testosterone treatment for the condition known as documented low testosterone level, otherwise known as “low-T” only. However, there is a wide misuse of the drugs as more and more men turn to testosterone boosters to increase their libido and to combat fatigue. reported that a study published this month found that about 43% of men partaking in the testosterone therapy had normal levels.

It is easy to see why this is the case. The prescription sales of the hormone have more than doubled since 2009 to more than 430 million. Additionally, prescription of the hormone surpassed that of Viagra prescriptions, largely due to the role of paid adverts, reports. Nissen reckoned that as the hormonal therapy was romanticized as the fountain of youth in “seductive ads,” there is bound to be an upsurge of off-label usage.

The FDA has indicated that it is looking into the matter as none of the hormonal therapeutic drugs carries a warning for increased heart attacks. However, for patients suing the drugs, if you develop the following symptoms, you should seek immediate medical assistance:

Slurred Speech;

Weakness on one side of the body or one part of the body;

Shortness of breath;

Difficulties in breathing, and

Chest pains.

How Does Testosterone Therapy Increase The Risk Of Heart Attacks

Partaking in testosterone therapy initiates many physiological changes in the partaker’s body. These changes increase the risk of blood clots ad developing whilst also exacerbating the risk of heart attacks. Some of the changes that increase the risk factors include thickening of the blood, an increase in the number of red blood cells, a hike in blood pressure, a reduction in the amount of HLD cholesterol (also known as the good cholesterol), and an increase in free-circulating estrogen. The combination of these risk factors is responsible for the increased instance and the risk of testosterone heart attack lawsuit.

However, this is not the first study to suggest that the testosterone therapy is inherently risky. A study published in January 2014 by PLoS One suggests that men who partake in testosterone supplements, apply gels, or inject it, increase the risk of heart attack within 90 days.

A 2009 study conducted by New England Journal of Medicine also revealed disturbing consequences of testosterone therapy. Astonishingly, the study had to be halted due to the high number of people suffering from heart attacks amongst the testosterone group.

Understanding Heart Attacks

In the medical science field, heart attacks are known as myocardial infarctions. They occur when the coronary arteries – blood vessels that pump oxygenated blood to the heart itself are obstructed. Often this is due to the presence of blood clots and plaques of fat. As a consequence, part of the heart tissues is deprived of oxygen, resulting in the death of such tissues. The severity varies depending on the amount of tissue that is damaged. However, even in low damage, the heart is weakened, thus reducing its ability to supply oxygen to the rest of the body.

Testosterone Heart Attack Symptoms

–              Blood clots

–              Dizziness

–              Shortness of breath

–              Feeling anxious

–              Coughing

–              Chest discomfort

–              Chest pain that spreads to the arm, back, neck, and, abdomen.

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