side effects of testosterone injections

The human body produces a number of hormones and among those, Testosterone is known as one of the most important hormones in the body. It is associated with virility and various other bodily functions. In fact, low level of testosterone after the age of 40 is responsible for many problems usually faced by men. Testosterone injections are used for testosterone replacement therapy in men. Usually, men suffering from infertility need this therapy. But there are some side effects of testosterone injections.

These injections are given under the supervision of a physician to ensure that correct amount of this powerful hormone is injected as higher dosages can lead to serious health complications. These injections are usually given to people who are unable to produce this hormone naturally or are unable to produce it in adequate quantities.

Due to its many benefits, it is also used by bodybuilders and athletes for building lean muscle mass at a quick pace as this hormone is one of the male growth hormones. There are a number of benefits of testosterone injections though there are also some associated side effects of testosterone injections.

As far as medical applications of this hormone are concerned, it is used for treating both growth related issues as well as sexual dysfunction issues in men. Human body starts producing peak level of testosterone during puberty and the level of production of this hormone goes down each year after the puberty.

The level goes down rapidly once the men hit the age of 40 and this is the time when men usually start facing problems such as depression, bone weakening and erectile dysfunctions. This is the reason that this therapy has been so popular with men.

One of the biggest benefits of this hormone is that it is able to help in growing muscle mass at a faster pace. That is why it is extremely popular amongst bodybuilders. Many people who have used this have benefited immensely.

Also, the injectable version is much faster acting than the other version as it goes directly into the bloodstream and starts working. In fact, it won’t be wrong to say that it is one of the most inexpensive options for improving bone density and muscle mass.

As mentioned above, it has been found to be highly effective for improving male libido and that is why, this therapy is used extensively for treatment of erectile dysfunction and various other related issues. It can also help in increasing the sperm count in men who are facing fertility problems.

One of the other main benefits of testosterone is that it gives strength to perform heavy tasks. That is why athletes are increasingly going for this therapy in sports where it is permitted.

While it is also available in the form of oral supplements, the oral version is not as effective as the injections as the body is not able to absorb it fully. On the other hand, injections are given directly into the muscles which mean that it reaches the bloodstream immediately and start showing results instantly.

As far as the side effects of testosterone injections are concerned, some people have reported mild side effects when it is used under the supervision of a physician. However, people who have misused it and have been injecting themselves without consulting a physician can experience serious side effects.

Some of the side effects of testosterone injections reported by the people include a breakout of acne, irritation at the infected area, swelling of arms and legs, mood swings and other such issues. However, all the side-effects tend to be temporary and most of the people do not experience any side effects for a sustained period of time.

Overall, testosterone replacement therapy has helped a number of men in dealing with their bedroom issues and the associated psychological problems. However, it is important that you consult with your doctor before starting this therapy because of the unwanted side effects of testosterone injections.

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