On Saturday morning, the NBA made an announcement that Joakim Noah, Knicks center, has been suspended for 20 games after testing positive for the testosterone booster supplements known as LGD-4033 Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator. This is in violation of the Anti-Drug Program. This androgen supplement is a kind of over the counter supplement said to boost testosterone levels, while also acting like an anabolic steroid.

The NBA had stated that Noah, also injured, has a suspension that starts with the first NBA game where he is eligible and able to physically play. Noah had undergone knee surgery and had been expected to get re-evaluated back in late March, which left it unclear as to when he is eligible. The Knicks have ten scheduled games left this season and it had originally been reported by the Vertical that his suspension would begin right away and that he would only be missing the first ten games of the next season. This will now be likely to be a longer period if he is not cleared for another week.

Noah’s first season for New York has been quite a disaster after he signed a four year, $72 million contract. It had originally been reported that the suspension would take place right away, for ten games this season and going into ten games next year. The estimate now is that Noah will be serving the initial 13 games next season. He did not join the Knicks while they were on their Western trip ending this Saturday night in Antonio. It had been reported by The Vertical that Noah was actually not found to have knowingly violated any drug policy for taking testosterone booster supplements.

Hornacek noted that it has been a frustrating year with the injuries and never being able to get going right out of training camp. Noah had been working hard toward coming back and when he went in for surgery, they had thought it would be a while, but then after he got in there it was simply loose particle making it so that he could come back much quicker. The team had been looking forward to him going back to play some games.

Hornacek also noted that the only supplements that the team had given him throughout his playing days had been vitamin C pills.

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