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There are various kinds of different prescription testosterone products and best testosterone supplements that are available in the marketplace that have been designed to treat low levels of T. These products include natural boosters, injections, supplements and gels. Many of them contain similar ingredients that often provide minimal benefits while placing users at risk.

Best Testosterone Supplements: The Great Fountain Of Youth?

Over the last several years, testosterone supplements and products have turned into a big business. There is a lot of buzz surrounding the products mainly due to the fact that direct-to-consumer marketing campaigns portray them as a way to regain youthful levels of muscle mass, strength, sex drive and energy, while downplaying the possible side effects that testosterone might have.

Over-the-counter testosterone booster manufacturers also capitalize on the trend by marketing dozens of products designed to enhance testosterone levels. Various supplements are prescribed by doctors to men who have bodies that do not naturally produce enough testosterone any longer, while they are used by other men for increasing fighting the natural aging process or increasing athletic performance. Companies have a tendency to focus on their products’ benefits. However, it is hard to find information on potential side effects. Some men taking these products face various health issues, ranging from blood clots to heart attacks.

Testosterone products and supplements come in various forms: powders, pellets, oral pills, creams, injections, gels and patches.

Axiron, Androgel And Other Low-T Gels

In terms of sales, testosterone gels are among the most popular new brands. These prescription drugs come in pumps or packets. Depending on what brand of medication you use, men (as well as women) apply this gel to the inside of their thigh, abdomen, armpits or arms.

  • Bio-T-Gel
  • Vogelxo
  • Testim
  • Fortesta
  • Axiron
  • AndroGel


Testosterone gels in men might increase risk for prostate cancer and decrease sperm count. Children and women shouldn’t come into contact with gels since serious side effects can be caused, including diarrhea, skin conditions and mood swings. Unborn babies can be harmed by these drugs as well.

Low-T Injections

Another form that testosterone comes in is injectable liquid. These drugs, like gels, help men who are not able to produce enough testosterone any longer. They are also sometimes prescribed to young men who have a delayed onset of adulthood to simulate puberty. It is taken by some women to treat certain kinds of breast cancer. Testopel, which is one kind of injectable, is a pellet that gets injected into your skin.

Typically injections are given by doctors in their clinics. These types of best testosterone supplements have also been the most abused historically.

  • Ditate-DS (testosterone enanthate)
  • Testopel (testosterone pellet)
  • Aveed (testosterone undecanoate)
  • Delatestryl (testosterone enanthate)
  • Depo-Testosterone (testosterone cypionate)


The FDA has warned that serious allergic reactions can be caused by Aveed. The most serious reaction is severe breathing problems coming on right after an injection has been given. It is recommended that patients using Aveed wait 30 minutes after they have received an injection before they leave the doctor’s office. Other things that can have negative interactions with these drugs include diabetes medications, oral steroids and certain blood thinners.

Other Testosterone Boosters And Supplements

Although a majority of today’s testosterone market is made up of injections and gels, the drug also comes in the forms of capsules, nasal gels, creams, patches and tablets (or buccal systems). Buccal systems for this drug are utilized to the mouth’s upper gum.

Popular Brands And Prescribed Best Testosterone Supplements:

  • Oral Buccal System
  • Nasal Gel
  • Capsules
  • Patches
  • Testoderm
  • Androderm

Natural Supplements And Boosters

As demand has skyrocketed for testosterone treatments, dozens of supplements have made their appearance in the marketplace, including Testofen– which has been touted as a testosterone booster. However, natural isn’t always the same thing as safe. Many of these boosters do cause problems. Many of the most popular testosterone boosters contain a combination of the ingredients below:

Tribulus terrestris

This supplement is marketed as an herbal remedy for increasing testosterone levels. However, there is very little scientific evidence to back these claims up. Potential side effects include interactions with some diabetes, blood pressure and heart medications, prostrate problems, cholesterol changes and breast enlargement.


This is a precursor hormone that can be converted into estrogen or testosterone inside the body. It is frequently marketed as a way to boost muscle mass and testosterone. Research involves these claims is inconsistent. Potential side effects can include hair loss, cholesterol changes and breast enlargement.


There is some evidence to suggest that testosterone can be increased by taking large doses of zinc. However, when taken in high doses to be effective, zinc may have side effects, including kidney or liver problems, increased risk for prostate cancer and elevated cholesterol.

D-Aspartic Acid

This amino acid is frequently claimed to be a testosterone booster. However, there is very little evidence that backs this claim up. It has also been associated with certain side effects, including confusion, headaches, anxiety, and bloating and breast enlargement.

Controversial Marketing

Quite often drug makers will try to increase their profits by coming up with unproven and new uses that piggyback off of existing FDA approvals. This puts patients at risk, since misleading statements are made about the effectiveness and safety of the drug for purposes that are not approved.

It seems that testosterone therapies makers have added a new twist to these marketing schemes. Manufacturers such as Abbott Laboratories and Eli Lilly & Co. are riding the wave of the successful marketing of best testosterone supplements like erectile dysfunction treatments such as Viagra to encourage men who are relatively healthy to use testosterone therapy.

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